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What Does Gen. Milley's Conduct Say about Our System?

What Does Gen. Milley's Conduct Say about Our System?

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Bob Woodward's new book, Peril, reportedly makes allegations about the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, which if true, make Milley a traitor to our country.

The book indicates that Milley went outside the chain of command and called his counterpart in the Chinese military, Gen. Li Zuocheng, after the 2020 elections.  He gave assurances that then-president Trump would not attack China and that if an attack was ordered by the president, Milley he would warn him so it wouldn't be a surprise.

This is extremely problematic on a number of levels.

First, the United States has a civilian-military command.  That is why the president, an elected official is the commander in chief.  He can be voted in or voted out.  The role of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is to advise the secretary of defense.  It is not to make military decisions on his own.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff is not in the line of command; therefore, its chairman has no authority to issue orders or to command anyone in the military based on his own opinion.  Going outside the chain of command is a violation of both federal law delineating the chairman's scope of authority, as well as the limits on that authority (see U.S. Code Section 163).  It is also a violation of the Constitution itself.

Such conduct is, in effect, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  Despite Biden's cozy relationship with China and his depiction of China as nothing more than a "competitor," the fact is that China is an enemy of the United States.  Of course, Biden can't say this because his family is profiting from its relationship with China.

Sun Tzu, the great military strategist, explained that the element of surprise is critical in achieving one's mission in war.  Had President Trump decided to order an attack on China, Milley's warning to our enemy would have given China the opportunity to strike us first, undoubtedly resulting in numerous American deaths.  In essence, General Milley vowed to intentionally undermine the element of surprise had a wartime situation arisen with China.

Woodward's book further asserts that Milley demanded each person in the military chain of command to pledge an oath to him personally and promise to consult with him first before carrying out any orders from the president.  This demand comes dangerously close to taking over the military by a coup...or at least an attempted coup.  It was not the "Trump-supporters" who committed an "insurrection" by taking over government control, as they didn't have the means to do that, even if they had wanted to.  Rather, Milley's taking over the military and requiring personal loyalty in opposition to a sitting president's potential orders constitutes a coup attempt.

Initially, many politicians on both sides of the aisle were alarmed upon learning about Milley's phone call.  Early on, it was anticipated that he would be asked to step down.  But it didn't take long before the left was twisting things around, making this turncoat into a hero, with some in the media saying he "saved the country" from a rogue president.  In reality, it was the other way around: a rogue chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, endangering democracy and national security simply because he was more of a political hack for the Democrats than he was a military general.

Less mentioned is the alleged role that Nancy Pelosi played in this.  Purportedly, she called Milley, frantically pleading with him to do something to ensure that Trump would not launch nukes against China in the aftermath of the election.  Considering Pelosi's role, no wonder all the Democrats want to rationalize, minimize, and justify Milley's shameful actions.  Also, keep in mind that Milley believed that Biden was soon to be president, and he wanted to keep his job in the new administration.  Luckily for the lying Democrats, they have the media to do their bidding.

America just endured impeachment proceedings with Trump's legitimate phone call to the president of Ukraine, yet now Jen Psaki refuses to "get into the details" of the phone conversation with General Milley.  Biden should release the phone transcripts, as Trump did.

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Despite Milley's stepping out of bounds and putting our country at risk, Biden had the temerity to proclaim he is proud of Milley and has every confidence in him. 

Milley insists that he heard from U.S. intelligence that the Chinese were nervous about an attack.

If this was true and Milley leaked U.S. intelligence, this would tip China off that there's a weak link in the intelligence apparatus and that the people involved there can't keep a secret.  

However, it is more likely that Milley's claim is concocted out of whole cloth.  There is simply no evidence for this.  Trump believes that the whole thing is made up.  He argued that the Intelligence Community never thought Trump would start a nuclear war against China and that Milley fabricated the story to deflect from his role in the Afghanistan debacle.

Ric Grenell, former director of National Intelligence under Trump, asserted that Trump had a decent relationship with China, never threatened the Chinese and that China knows this.  He too believes that Milley's claims are a deflection from the mess that is Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the speaker of the House made a call to Milley that appears from the transcript to be hysterical, making things up in her head about Trump launching a coup, pushing the nuclear red button, and refusing the leave the White House...all 100 percent without evidence.

Regardless of whether Milley got his cue from the Intelligence Community or not, assuming that Woodward has the facts straight regarding the call from Miley and its content, Milley is a traitor to this country and arguably guilty of treason.  This accusation is not made lightly.  It is no small matter to be guilty of treason, and certainly not something to be proud of or rationalize.  What he is accused of, if true, is outrageous, yet his silence is deafening.  Surely a denial would be in order to defend his honor if innocent.  And yet, none seems to be forthcoming.

Some think Milley should be fired for treason.  Others believe he should be fired for his incompetence regarding his role in Afghanistan, which resulted in untold numbers of deaths, rape, and tyrannical oppression.

Either way, Milley must go.

Image: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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