Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Green energy costs have hit the fan in Europe

Greenie energy leaves Europe in the cold — the freezing cold

Greenie energy has been vaunted by politicians such as President Obama, Joe Biden, and virtually every European politician in power as progress itself, the way forward, the wave of the future.  Anyone who's got problems with it, as Obama smarmily assured, is "stuck in the past." 

Turns out that's nonsense.  After going green and shutting down its coal, fossil fuel, fracking, and nuclear energy production, and feeling mighty virtuous for doing it, Europe is now going cold — freezing cold.  The region faces a bad winter ahead with energy shortages across the board.  Seems green energy can do everything to make a lefty European feel good except produce the actual energy.  So, courtesy of the phony prophets of greenie virtue, Europeans are going without, even as Joe Biden is doing his darnedest to take America down that cliff.

In an excellent signed piece by Wall Street Journal editorial writer Allysia Finley, she described the scope of the crisis:

[T]he U.K. and Germany have banned hydraulic fracturing, letting their rich gas shale resources go to waste. Meantime, the Netherlands is shutting down Europe's biggest gas field.

In short, all of Europe's green chickens are coming home to roost. Several U.K. retail electricity providers have collapsed in recent weeks because of the surging price of gas. Energy experts warn that some German power suppliers are in danger of going insolvent. Germany's electricity prices, which were already the highest in Europe because of heavy reliance on renewables, have more than doubled since February.


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