[NOTE: For those reading from Capitol Hill, take action immediately. Do not let Ratcliffe and Grenell attempt to fight the corrupt intelligence community from the outside.]

Earlier today Joint Chiefs Chairman, General Mark Milley, again claimed that intelligence was gathered and given to him showing that China was fearful of an imminent attack from the United States prior to Milley’s phone call with Chinese military to assure them the U.S. was not about to attack.  This is the same claim that General Milley made yesterday [LINK] about the same issue.  WATCH video at 08:52 Prompted:

Immediately after this repeated claim, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe directly refuted Milley on Fox News with Martha MacCallum.   The intelligence products used by the Pentagon come from the DNI office, and John Ratcliffe noted there was no intelligence that China held any such concerns.   As a result, any justification claim that Milley makes about his motives for the call surrounding “deescalation” are nonsense.

The Chinese did not escalate an issue because the issue did not exist.  The Chinese were not worried the U.S. was going to attack.  General Milley’s claims are based on a false premise.  The question is, did another intelligence agency purposefully lie to Milley, or is Milley making it all up?

If you and I were sitting on a park bench doing nothing, there would be no concerns. However, if you sat down and I said, “I’m not going to hit you“, suddenly you would become concerned.  That is the essential outlook for what appears to have taken place.

The intelligence apparatus of the United States created a completely false assertion, false intelligence; and then Milley acted unilaterally based on that false assertion.  Keeping in mind that DNI Ratcliffe is very adamant there never was any such intelligence.

♦ If General Milley was that easily manipulated by the intelligence community, most likely the CIA, it doesn’t speak well for his own judgement and discernment considering he is the chief pentagon advisor to the President.

♦ If General Milley was willing to be manipulated by the CIA, and act upon intelligence he knew or suspected to be false, well, then he’s a conspirator within a purposeful effort to undermine the Office of the President and U.S. foreign policy.

Neither of these two scenarios is good; and they both present evidence of a superseding Fourth Branch of Government, operated by a rogue and Machiavellian intelligence community.

As John Ratcliffe noted in his rebuke of General Mark Milley’s justification, if the claim of legitimate intelligence was true, someone would have briefed President Trump about it.  No-one from the office of the Director of National Intelligence, or the DoD, or the National Security Council ever saw any evidence that anything like what Milley is claiming actually existed.

The false intelligence that underpins the Milley phone call with China could be the thread that exposes the hidden Fourth Branch of government.  If congressional representatives and honest independent media are willing to pull it and not let go.