Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How compromised are Democrats?

EXCLUSIVE: John Kerry's Heinz ketchup heiress wife has millions of dollars in Chinese investments, leaving Biden's climate change envoy facing an ethical dilemma as he regularly meets with the country's top leaders to cut deals

  • John Kerry's wife benefits from an investment of 'at least $1 million' in a hedge fund that specializes in investments with Chinese government-controlled funds
  • His wife Teresa Heinz is the widow of wealthy late senator John Heinz and heiress to the Heinz family fortune, estimated to be worth more than $750million 
  • The investment was revealed in Kerry's filing with the Office of Government Ethics (OGE)  in March
  • Kerry's filing says neither he nor his wife 'exercise authority over the trust
  • In his senior government role as Biden's climate change envoy, Kerry regularly meets with Chinese diplomats and leaders
  • He is in the delicate position of negotiating with the industrial superpower to cut deals on reducing carbon emissions
  • Kerry's 2021 filing says neither he nor his wife 'exercise authority over the trust', 'have any control over the management of the trust investments', and neither are trustees" 
  • George W. Bush's former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter told DailyMail.com the investments could pose an ethical problem for Kerry
  • He said if the Chinese government tried to exert influence through his family's investments, Kerry would have to stand down from climate change negotiations 

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