Monday, November 15, 2021

Incompetents squirming at the WH. Race is always their measure.

Biden and Kamala's relationship is in crisis as their poll ratings crash just one year in: Her staff feuds over why she is being sidelined with no-win migration task while President's team say they've given up on her already

  • Biden rumored to be considering moving Harris to Supreme Court as backdoor method of selecting new VP
  • The President's staff are frustrated by her appalling polling figures - even worse than Biden's  
  • Harris and her top aides are furious with Biden for handing her 'no-win' issues like the border crisis 
  • They also claim that the president is not defending her, while looking after 'white man' Pete Buttigieg
  • Biden's team are disappointed with media performance, like 'awkward' laughter when asked about the border

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