Thursday, February 17, 2022

“Mayorkas is a psychopath,” Rosenberg

Advocate for illegal-immigrant crime victims: DHS secretary ‘psychopath’

Until Nov. 16, 2010, Los Angeles entertainment executive Don Rosenberg considered himself a lifelong liberal and supporter of the Democratic Party.

But the minute he picked up the ringing phone, his life changed forever. The caller was from San Francisco General Hospital. She told him that his 25-year-old son, Drew, a second-year student at Golden Gate School of Law, had been mowed down on his motorcycle by a car that, Rosenberg would later learn, was driven by an illegal immigrant without a license. 

Roberto Galo, of Honduras, hit Drew, who was thrown from his motorcycle. Galo reportedly drove forward, rolling over Drew’s body, and then backed over him as well. A bystander had to force Galo to stop his car, which, at that point rested on Drew’s abdomen.

“The coroner told me she didn’t understand why [Drew’s] main artery had ruptured and he had bled out,” Rosenberg said. “She didn’t realize the car had driven back and forth on top of him. He wasn’t going that fast. He would have just had some cuts and bruises. It wasn’t the hit that killed him. It was the run.”

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