Sunday, February 13, 2022

The lies come so easily....

Let's circle back, Jen? Declassified Pentagon report says Biden WAS dangerously indecisive about Afghan withdrawal - despite Psaki claiming on Friday report did NOT exist

  • Declassified reports from the U.S. military into Kabul withdrawal details  frustration with White House and State Department throughout the process
  • Particularly over failure to spot Taliban's rapid advance 
  • It was obtained by the Washington Post with a freedom of information request
  • Declassified after-action reports support U.S. military commanders and say President Biden's team was indecisive during the Afghanistan crisis 
  • At least one of the report spans 2,000 pages and details complete confusion 
  • The Pentagon's standard priority had been to first evacuate American citizens, then lawful permanent residents, then Afghans who aided the U.S. 
  • On Friday, The White House said Friday that no such reports exist 

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