Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Thank a progressive DA

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Authorities arrested a 25-year-old repeat offender after he was said to have stabbed a Manhattan woman more than 40 times with her own kitchen knife.

The suspect — who is described as a homeless serial criminal — has been arrested at leat seven times since 2017 and was out on bail when the murder took place, the Daily Mail reported. 

What are the details? 

Assamad Nash appeared in court on Monday on charges of burglary and murder after the grisly killing, which took place during the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Police say Nash spotted 35-year-old Christina Yuna Lee exiting an Uber when he decided to follow her into her Chinatown apartment building.

Once inside, Nash reportedly crept into the building behind Lee and followed her up six flights of stairs to her apartment, in which he forced his way with an alleged intent to sexually assault the 35-year-old creative ad producer. 

Neighbors said that they were awakened early Sunday morning to hear Lee screaming for help — but it was too late by the time police arrived on the scene.

Authorities said they forced their way into Lee's apartment and discovered her lifeless body in the bathtub of her apartment. They reportedly found a bloody Nash underneath the bed, a yellow kitchen knife nearby.


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