Tuesday, September 20, 2022

American Elections Have Consequences

American Elections Have Consequences

And those consequences are not limited by borders.

As a former god-king made president said, “Elections have consequences.”

Of his many prophesies that were off the mark, that one was imbued with transcendental truth.

The question before the court is related to the 2020 election.

Not whether it was legitimate, which I believe is still a question that has not, and likely will never, be answered, but what was the impact of that election and its outcome?

The answers to the latter question are significant, real, and quantifiable, at least domestically:

  • The border is overrun.

  • More fentanyl than ever is crossing that border.

  • Race relations are at an all-time low.

  • Crime, especially violent crime, is rising.

  • The corruption of the DOJ and the FBI are obvious.

  • Homelessness is increasing.

  • The national economy is in shambles.

  • The feds have the energy industry in a chokehold.

  • Inflation, no matter what the state economists say, is running rampant and has no definable endpoint.

  • Americans were forced to choose between feeding their families and entering massive medical experiments in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

  • Children, the lowest risk group, were forced to wear masks at school and some school administrations are still enforcing that mandate.

  • The American Public Health Institutions failed – the CDC, the NIH, and the NIAID were all wrong, and significantly and meaningfully so.

  • Nobody was punished for the Russia “collusion” lies and broken federal laws, but there are grandmothers who walked through the Capitol on January 6, 2021, who have done jail time – even more people have been detained for very long periods without charge or trial.

  • The Administration and the National School Board Association conspired to tag PTA moms and dads as “domestic terrorists” and in a “policy” speech, the President called half of America enemies of the state.

  • Martha’s Vineyard has been overrun by fifty popup “migrants” (like those popup stores, the Island Karen’s shuffled them onto National Guard buses for a ride to a military base. They didn’t even get to stay long enough for James Taylor to serenade them).

Certainly not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, but each one of those is obvious and measurable.

Of course, since we are under such duress, one might wonder how the shock wave from Biden’s “win” affected people outside our borders. This is a little less measurable, but no less significant:

  • Iran is closer than ever to getting the bomb.

  • China is now directly threatening Taiwan and is actively expanding its influence around the world.

  • Russia invaded Ukraine and is shutting off energy to Europe.

  • The World Economic Forum has come out of the closet with their “great reset”.

  • Fidel’s son has turned Canada into Mexico.

  • Afghanistan is back in the hands of the Taliban who has about $80 billion or so of American assets, weapons, and supplies.

I think it is very likely that a very strong argument could be made that none of this would have happened in a second Trump term.

The Biden Administration’s protestations of “But Trump!”, especially with regard to the border were always total BS, and now they are BS in plain view - and even the international issues have national and local consequences for Americans.

American elections do have consequences, and those consequences are far reaching.

And it isn’t a stretch to say the consequences of a Biden presidency are all negative, at least for the American people and America’s allies.

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