Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Here's the document the Martha's Vineyard 50 signed

Ron DeSantis vents at 'opportunistic activists' engaging in 'political theater' as lawsuit claims he 'exploited' migrants with Martha's Vineyard flight: Florida Gov. shares consent form given out before trip

  • Ron DeSantis has hit back at 'opportunistic activists' who claimed in a lawsuit he 'exploited' a group of migrants by flowing them to Martha's Vineyard
  • His office claims each of the migrants were required to sign consent forms before they boarded a chartered plane to the island 
  • Spokeswoman Taryn Fenske also said that the trip was done on a 'voluntary' basis to a sanctuary state
  • Plaintiffs allege the governor's office trapped them in a 'premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme'
  • They said the plan 'centered on exploiting [the migrants] for  advancing their own personal, financial and political interests'
  • Migrants claim that those working on DeSantis' scheme trolled outside of an immigration shelter in San Antonio, Texas and offered McDonald's gift cards
  • They promised the migrants they would 'receive employment, housing, educational opportunities' and falsely told them they were flying to DC or Boston

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