Sunday, September 30, 2018

Clarice...Life in a Gynocracy

September 30, 2018
Life in a Gynocracy

By Clarice Feldman

The performance of women this week – from Senator Dianne Feinstein to Christine Blasey Ford to the howling mobs on Capitol Hill – made me seriously consider surgically altering my sex. They are demanding special treatment because of their sex and in the process placing all of us – male and female alike – at peril of witch hunts against men and then, in time, against all who will not bow to their rule.
My Facebook friend Alex Bensky reminded me of the advantage to me of transgendering:
Ah, then we'd be unable to criticize your politics, your social viewpoints, your choice of teams to root for, and anything else you say because we'd be transphobic.
As a footnote, I've seen an estimate that the transgender population is about 0.05% of the population. This is hardly a warrant for beating up people but it is not clear to me why unless we substantially alter social arrangements that have existed in almost every known human society and celebrate...not just accept but celebrate...transgenderism, we are mean, hateful people.
Victor Davis Hanson offered up the most succinct summary of Blasey Ford's testimony:

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