Saturday, September 22, 2018

How dare you not listen to every time he says "I" Authoritarianism is ever more evident...

Obama snaps at young rally attendees: ‘I’m talking to you! You! Pay attention!’

Barack Obama wasn’t happy those young whipper snappers apparently weren’t hanging on his every word (about himself) on Friday.
“I’m talking to you, young people!” he snapped, pointing his finger with a stern look at some kids attending his rally for Pennsylvania Democrats.
“You! Pay attention!” he lectured with the air of a disappointed parent.
During the Philadelphia appearance for Gov. Tom Wolf, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and several Democrat congressional candidates, Obama couldn’t help but talk about himself.
In the roughly 33-minute remarks, the former president said “I” 56 times, “Me” 5 times, and “My” 4 times, talking about himself a total of 64 times, or once about every 30 seconds.

At one point, he admitted he was losing his voice because he was talking so much.
It’s not the first time Obama has lost his cool with fans he thought would hang on his every word.
In 2016, while campaigning for Hillary Clinton during the home stretch of the election season, a Fayetteville, North Carolina turned against an elderly Trump supporter violating their safe space.
Obama repeatedly tried to get the focus off the protester and back on him, but failed.
“Hold up, hold up,” he said as the crowd booed.
Between smiles and stern looks, Obama finally snapped at his audience.
“Hey everybody, everybody, hey!” he yelled, growing increasingly impatient.

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