Wednesday, September 26, 2018

PLANNED PARENTHOOD FORCES CANCELLATION OF 'GOSNELL' SCREENING...were they afraid of screaming hordes leftists bent on violence, you bet!


Movie spotlights 'America's biggest serial killer'

Planned Parenthood convinced a hotel in Austin, Texas, to cancel a screening of a new movie about convicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell, according to the film’s producers.
The movie, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” which opens in theaters Oct. 12, was to be screened Saturday night in the Hyatt Hotel in the Texas capital at the same time Planned Parenthood hosts a $400 a plate gala dinner headlined by Cecille Richards, the organization’s former CEO.
The movie’s producers, however, were told Monday by the hotel the screen was canceled for “security reasons.”
The producers told WND they paid the deposit and signed the contract to reserve the space for the screening.
“Everything that was required by the Hyatt was provided and completed as required,” a spokesman said.
Producer Ann McElhinney said the movie screening “gave a real choice to the people of Austin.”
“Over 250 had already registered to go and we were receiving dozens of new RSVPs every day,” she said. “But now thanks to the bullying of Planned Parenthood and the cowardice of the Hyatt they won’t get to see the Gosnell Movie and the truth about abortion.”
Gosnell, who ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia, was convicted in 2011 of multiple counts of first degree murder for late-term and after-birth abortions. A routine investigation led to the discovery of the criminal abortion operation, which Gosnell had been running for years.
The producers say the movie exposes the lack of attention the case received at the time.
Planned Parenthood’s Richards had been invited to the screening at the Hyatt, the producers said.
Producer Phelim McAleer said the cancellation is “only a temporary victory for the forces of intolerance that have tried to bury this story all along the way.”
He said the Hyatt screening was just a “sneak peek” before the movie is brought to 750 screens nationwide on Oct. 12.
The film centers on Detective James “Woody” Wood, played by Dean Cain, and his partner Det. Stark (Alfonzo Rachel) who work an informant network to identify a doctor who had been selling prescription drugs illegally.
As the case unfolded, Wood and District Attorney Sarah Jane Morris were confronted not only by the horrors of the case but also fierce resistance from government and personal politics.
“Gosnell” is directed by Nick Searcy who starred in “The Shape of Water” and the critically acclaimed FX series “Justified.”

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