Saturday, March 23, 2019

Gavin Newsome exemplifies Democrat hypocrisy when it comes to the vote.

Tammy Bruce: California executes a 'moratorium' on the death penalty

"The Bakersfield Californian issued an editorial blasting the governor’s move:
“… If opponents want to abolish the death penalty, they must convince voters. They must clear up judicial concerns over these executions. They must find ways to deliver assurances that people who commit some of the worst crimes will legally and humanely receive the worst punishment. Although Newsom long has publicly opposed the death penalty, he pledged during his 2018 gubernatorial campaign to ‘respect the will of the voters.’ He lied. Just three months into office, he has signed an executive order reprieving -- or halting -- the death sentences of all 737 inmates on death row. …”"

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