Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The public schools are to blame not racism. Note how the bureaucrats willingly embrace and encourage incompetence

Few black, Hispanic students admitted to NYC’s specialized high schools

Racial disparities found in acceptance rates at elite NYC schools
NEW YORK — Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attempts to diversify the New York City’s specialized high schools, only a small number of black and Hispanic eighth graders received admission offers to those schools this year.
About 27,500 eighth graders across the city took the Specialized High School admissions test, or SHSAT, this year.
Among the 4,798 students who received an offer to one of the city’s specialized high schools based on their exam score, only 506 black and Hispanic students received offers to schools, including Stuyvesant High School, Bronx High School of Science and Brooklyn Technical High School.
At Stuyvesant High School, for instance, of the 895 students admitted, only seven students were black, according to data released.
Despite the city’s enhanced test preparation and outreach efforts made to increase diversity, numbers remained consistent.
This year, only 190 black students and 316 Hispanic students were admitted into the elite public schools, which slightly decreased from last year’s 527 students admitted.
A spokesperson for the Department of Education said students will receive offers to the Discovery Program later in the spring after students choose to either accept or decline Round one officers to specialized high schools.
Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza acknowledged the low diversity, calling for the elimination of the single test. “I share the excitement of students and families receiving high school offers today. I cannot wait to see our students take the next step in their education and continue on the path to success. We’re also once again confronted by an unacceptable status quo at our specialized high schools. We need to eliminate the single test for specialized high school admissions now.”
Few black, Hispanic students admitted into NYC specialized high schools

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