Monday, March 25, 2019

Sharyl Attkisson asks the key question post-Mueller report

Sharyl Attkisson asks the key question post-Mueller report

When unraveling a whole cloth of lies, it is important to start pulling on the correct thread.
Now that we know the entire theory of Trump-Russia “collusion” cooked up by the Hillary campaign was a pure fiction, it is time start inflicting the consequences on the miscreants. But that’s a process that could take time if and when AG Barr, or maybe US Attorney Peter Huber – commissioned by former AG Sessions to investigate possible FBI abuses – present evidence of criminality to a grand jury.
In the meantime, there is some posterior-kicking, aka public shaming, due. And, I think Sharyl Attkisson has identified the first targets in need of disgrace, especially because of where that disgrace will lead:


NeverTrump’s Complicity in Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

As the history of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax is being written, one group deserves a vaunted perch atop the proverbial Hall of Shame: NeverTrump “conservatives.”

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