Sunday, March 24, 2019

Leftist violence on a small scale but still wrong. It won't stop until it becomes painful.

Police arrest man accused of throwing water on Steve King

A Colorado man has been arrested after authorities said he threw a glass of water on U.S. Rep. Steve King at a restaurant in Fort Dodge. 
Fort Dodge police said the incident happened at approximately 12:30 p.m. Friday at the Mineral City Mill and Grill in the 2600 block of Fifth Avenue South. 
King, a Kiron Republican, was having a group lunch when 26-year-old Blake Gibbins, of Lafayette, Colorado, approached the congressman’s table, authorities said. 
The water hit King and some others having lunch, police said. Based on witness information, it's believed that King was specifically targeted because of his position as a U.S. congressman. 
Gibbins was arrested and charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. 
Days earlier, King told a town hall meeting that he was told that victims of Hurricane Katrina only asked for help, unlike people in his home state of Iowa, who "take care of each other."
Referring to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he said, "Here's what FEMA tells me: We go to a place like New Orleans and everybody's looking around saying, 'Who's gonna help me, who's gonna help me?' When FEMA responds to problems in Iowa, they're just always gratified when they come and see how Iowans take care of each other."
King has been under fire from his party for remarks about race. About 60 percent of New Orleans residents are black.
Blake Gibbons
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