Thursday, March 21, 2019

Trump blamed for Obama's actions on oil drilling leases.

Democrats blame Obama mistake on Trump

John Podesta tweeted: "Good news for the planet: Federal judge demands Trump administration reveal how its drilling plans will fuel climate change."

According to Reuters, "Tuesday’s ruling only pertains to 282 leases issued in Wyoming after five sales held in 2015 and 2016."

This happened before we elected Donald John Trump president. The ruling was against actions by Barack Hussein Obama's administration.

President Trump inherited the legal nightmare of leases granted improperly.

Evidently Podesta knows as much about this case as he knows about getting Hillary elected president.What is he now, oh-for-two?

But there Podesta was, tweeting his heart out.

He is not the only politician driven insane by his hatred of President Trump and his deplorable supporters to not bother reading the story before reacting.

Democrat Congressman Scott Peters tweeted, "Science tells us that the production and use of fossil fuels is accelerating climate change and yet, the Trump Administration is still opening MILLIONS of new acres to drilling. Their continued denial is devastating to our environment and country."

Again, it was the Obama administration who did this.

The Washington Post tweeted, "Judge: Trump administration violated law with oil, gas projects that ignored climate impacts; blocks drilling on 300,000 acres."

Ten Pinocchios. Obama did this.

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