Thursday, March 31, 2022

Acknowledging Hillary/DNC lied about their involvement in Russiagate

'Where do I get my reputation back?' Trump celebrates as FEC FINES Hillary Clinton and the DNC over the way it paid firm to produce the Steele dossier claiming links between his campaign and Russia

  • Letter reveals that Clinton 2016 campaign and DNC fell foul of finance rules 
  • The DNC was ordered to pay $105,000 by the Federal Election Commission
  • The Clinton campaign was fined $8000
  • They improperly reported money paid to a law firm, listing it as 'legal services'
  • In fact the money was used for opposition research and the production of the controversial Steele dossier that alleged links between Trump and Moscow 

Former Donald Trump on Wednesday accused his 2016 opponent of trying to 'illegally destroy' his campaign after it emerged that regulators had fined Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee of failing to properly disclose spending on the controversial Steele dossier. 

Trump used the findings to repeat his attacks on a slew of enemies that he listed in a lawsuit last week.  

Payments by the Clinton campaign and the D.N.C. to a law firm, he said, were 'a guise to hire numerous companies, all of whom are now named defendants in my lawsuit, to try and take down and illegally destroy your favorite president, me,' he said in an emailed statement

'This was done to create, as I have stated many times, and is now confirmed, a hoax funded by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. 

'This corruption is only beginning to be revealed, is un-American, and must never be allowed to happen again. Where do I go to get my reputation back?'

Details of the F.E.C. fines emerged on Wednesday, allowing Trump to return to one of his favorite topics: The way he was accused of links to Russia in the 2016, and the start of what he describes as a 'witch hunt.' 

A letter sent to a conservative group that requested an inquiry, and were first published by the Washington Examiner, showed that the D.N.C. was fined $105,000 and the Clinton campaign was fined $8,000.

Rumors of links between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia exploded into public with the publication of the dossier by Buzzfeed days before the new president was inaugurated in January 2017.

It was written by a former British spy Christopher Steele.  

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