Thursday, March 31, 2022

The number of people incarcerated is less important then the quality of the crime

Gang member, 20 - who served just 14 months for dragging NYPD cop with stolen car, leaving him paralyzed - leads cops on ANOTHER chase in stolen car while free on bail (for stealing car)

  • Justin Murrell, 20, led Port Authority officers on a stolen car chase at JFK
  • Murrell was out on bail for a previous car chase in May 2021 after running a light 
  • On that occasion he crashed into three parked cars
  • Both car chases are similar to one a fateful one in June 2017 when he dragged an officer, NYPD Detective Dalsh Veve, down a street reaching up to 60mph
  • Veve was left paralyzed, in a wheelchair and unable to speak after the incident 

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