Sunday, March 27, 2022

Saving the narrative: Put the real cause at the bottom

What does he imply here? Was their a conspiracy or something.

"Eric Deggans, full-time TV critic for National Public Radio, said he was saddened to see BNC’s demise. “I was really hoping they would pull it off,” he said in a text. “But the realities of the news business were aligned against them in so many ways. They achieved quite a lot. I wish it had been enough.”"

Here's the real reason they went belly up: 

"BNC focused on a linear cable network in a day and age where streaming, YouTube, podcasts and social media are ascendant. Martin said it would have been smarter if they had started as a digital channel and invested in a handful of big names instead of running news throughout the day. The model they chose was simply too expensive, he said. And the average audience at any given time was fewer than 10,000 viewers, according to Nielsen."

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