Saturday, March 26, 2022

Why are hate filled loons attracted to radical Islam?

Maine man and two teenagers who wanted to 'die fighting for Allah' are arrested for 'planning to attack Chicago mosque in the name of ISIS' including separating 'the adults from the children, then murdering the adults'

  • Xavier Pelkey, 18, and two other teens conspired to attack a Chicago mosque with homemade explosives, new court documents reveal
  • The recently unsealed federal filing alleges Pelkey and two unidentified teens - who weren't named because they're juveniles - used Instagram to plan the attack
  • The potential murder spree was foiled by feds last month after a search of Pelkey's apartment turned up three homemade explosive devices 
  • The filing reveals that Pelkey's underage accomplices in the plot also were arrested and questioned in regard to the attack
  • The two teens, one from Chicago and the other from Kentucky, detailed the plot to feds, saying Pelkey planned to go to the city to 'commit mass murder'

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