Saturday, March 26, 2022

Your life is just collateral damage for the Progressives

Victim of brutal Seattle light rail attack speaks out exclusively to KING 5

Harborview nurse, Kim Hayes, faced her alleged attacker in court, saying she "doesn't feel safe" in Seattle anymore.

SEATTLE — The man accused of randomly attacking a Harborview Medical Center employee at a Seattle light rail station earlier this month appeared in court for the first time on Thursday. The alleged victim was there to speak to the court directly.

I believe if he is let out "he will kill someone," said assault victim Kim Hayes of Seattle.

Prosecutors argued Alexander Jay's conduct was "alarming" and requested bail be set at $150,000 for the alleged attack on March 2. He is charged with second-degree assault.

Jay will be arraigned on April 11 at 9 a.m. The prosecutor's office said the arraignment was postponed so that Jay could be evaluated for his competency to stand trial.

According to charging documents, Hayes was leaving the King Street Station, walking out of the tunnel, up the stairs toward the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Jackson Street, when Jay allegedly grabbed her and threw her down the stairs. Jay followed her down the stairs and threw her a second time, according to charging documents. 

"I don't remember if he said anything," she told KING 5. "I think he might have said something, and then I felt like I was flying through the air."

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When Jay allegedly tried to throw her a third time, Hayes fought back and held onto the handrail. That's when Jay kicked Hayes repeatedly in the face, according to charging documents.

Jay left as a security employee came to the Hayes' aid. Hayes suffered three broken ribs and a broken clavicle that required surgery, the charging documents said.

The attack was captured on surveillance video.

Officers arrested Jay on March 3 at First Avenue and Cherry Street - about half a mile from where the alleged assault occurred outside the light rail station.

According to the King County Prosecuting Attorney's office, there have been seven cases involving Jay in the past five years. The most recent conviction was a residential burglary in Bellevue.

Records show Jay has been convicted of 20 crimes in the last two decades in California and Washington, including assault, theft, and burglary.

"This was a violent crime. I think he's a violent man. And I want violent people off the streets," Hayes said.

Hayes told KING 5 the attack took an emotional toll, along with a physical one. 

"It will forever impact how I navigate the streets around me," she said. 

"I've lived in the city for many, many decades and I've always felt Seattle is a safe place, and I don't feel that now."

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