Thursday, January 14, 2021

And, the Hunter Biden trophy award winner is....

Two men arrested after returning rental car with drugs inside

Two men were arrested when they returned to their rental car at an upstate New York airport to allegedly fetch forgotten drugs, a report said.

Aasim Hilts, 26, and Shariff Frasier were busted Wednesday at Albany International Airport after the car rental company reported to police that drugs had been left in a car rented by one of them, News 10 reported, citing authorities.

Deputies with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office who responded to the airport ran into Hilts and Frasier. 

Hilts was allegedly in possession of 140 glassine envelopes of heroin, more than 35 grams of MDMA, marijuana and over $5,600, the report said.

He was hit with 10 separate drug possession charges.

Frasier, meanwhile, was allegedly carrying marijuana, authorities said. He was given a violation.

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