Sunday, January 3, 2021

Bat-wielding man injures multiple people in NYC during crazy crime spree

Bat-wielding man injures multiple people in NYC during crazy crime spree

A crazed, bat-wielding man injured multiple people Saturday in a trail of destruction across Manhattan — allegedly knocking at least one unconscious, breaking bones and crashing one of two vehicles that he violently carjacked, according to police and police sources.

The attacks started in a subway station in Tribeca at around 7 p.m. Saturday — and stretched dozens of blocks before it ended on the West Side Highway in the 20s almost two hours later, the NYPD said.

The suspect — identified as Bryan Thompson, 43 — was finally pulled over and arrested after being tased by police, cops said.

The attacks started in the subway station at Varick and Canal, where a man entering the station was knocked unconscious after being repeatedly battered with some kind of stick or bat, cops said.

That victim — who fell to the ground during the assault — suffered injuries to a shoulder, hand and his forehead, the sources said.

A woman said that the attacker then ran at her as she entered the station, cutting her head as he hit her with an umbrella-shaped object, the sources said.

A female MTA worker saw him running up the staircase with a bat — and was hit in the head at least three times, according to police sources.

“He was a one-man crime spree,” a police source said.

The suspect then allegedly repeatedly hit a driver with his weapon — cutting him on the forehead — as he car-jacked an SUV on 7th Avenue near the entrance of the Holland Tunnel, police sources said.

He then crashed that black SUV at least twice, ramming into the back of a car stopped at a red light and crashing into the left side of another, the sources said. Neither drivers are thought to have been injured.

The attacker then fled the crashed SUV, and smashed the rear windows of at least two other cars with either bats or a tree branch, the sources said.

One of the drivers ended up with some of the smashed glass in her eye, cops said.

The attacker then turned on two people walking along West Broadway near Beach Street — breaking the forearm of one of them as he attacked them with a wooden object, and leaving the other with a badly bruised and swollen leg, the sources said. 

He then car-jacked his second vehicle, a Jeep, after threatening the driver who had just parked on West Broadway, according to the sources.

The NYPD then stopped him heading north on the West Side Highway, tasing him during the arrest just before 9 p.m., cops said.

He was taken to Bellevue Hospital, the sources said. As of early Sunday, no charges had been confirmed.

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