Sunday, January 3, 2021

scene from 'A Clockwork Orange' It doesn't take many anarchists to poison a city

15-Year-Old NYC Teen Accused Of Being Part Of Violent Bike Gang Has Very Different Story

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(Tea Party PAC) – This week violence and lawlessness in New York City continue. Thanks to liberal “criminal justice reform” NYC has become a den of thieves and worse. Violent crimes are skyrocketing and criminals truly run the streets. 

Why shouldn’t they? There’s hardly any consequences for committing crime in the Big Apple. Violent offenders can go out and commit crimes, be arrested, and let back out to go commit more crime the very same day thanks to no-bail laws. 

It would appear there is no fear of consequences and no respect whatsoever for law and order but what’s worse is that police seem to be barely able to keep up with all the crime. 

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One teenager has been arrested after a gang of bicyclists attacked drivers around the city this week. The teen, however, says he wasn’t involved and called the charges against him “bulls***.” 

Video footage and eyewitness accounts have seemingly placed 15-year-old Geovanni Valle at the scene of an attack on a taxi cab and another car, but Valle insists he was arrested in error and there’s a good chance that’s the case. 

Police in the city are being stretched ridiculously thin and with crime skyrocketing they are being robbed of the ability to thoroughly investigate crimes. 

For his part, Valle says he doesn’t even own a bike and was out at a shopping center, nowhere near the scene of the crime, when the incident occurred. 

Multiple videos were recorded and shared from the scene of an attack on a BMW SUV which was occupied by a 36-year-old and his elderly mother. 

When police asked the public for help identifying the suspects in the videos, it led them to Valle. They arrested him and charged him with criminal mischief and rioting. 

Valle’s father, Oscar Valle, also insists that his son was not involved in the crime. He told the New York Post that the video officers showed him from the incident don’t appear to show his son. 

“The police say for sure, he is the one!” Oscar Valle said, arguing that the teen in the picture he was shown was “much taller and very strong! My son is a skinny guy.”

The 15-year-old boy from Queens claims he was out shopping for his mother’s birthday during the attack and even produced a receipt from Footaction at the Queens Center Mall, timestamped for 3:49 pm. 

“It was my mom’s birthday. I was shopping for her present, a sweater and shoes,” he said. He also said that the police didn’t much care about the receipt or his alibi. 

“They said it doesn’t matter,” Valle recounted. “Other people said it was me [at the crime scene].”

His older brother Johnathan admitted that the teen in the images “kinda looks like him” but then pointed out one major problem: his brother doesn’t own a bike. 

It looks like Valle might be telling the truth and this just further illustrates how crippled the New York City Police Department really is right now under Democratic leadership and their abysmal criminal justice “reform.” 

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