Saturday, January 30, 2021

Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith admitted to altering an email that served as evidence to support the surveillance of Trump campaign officials.

Here you have the perfect example of how bureaucracy functions is exactly as Kafka described.

Bureaucrats care not for the individual truth but act only to 'avoid the hassle'

On Friday he was sentenced to 12 months probation and 400 hours community service.

Supporters and allies of former President Donald Trump hoped the DOJ investigation headed up by special counsel John Durham would uncover evidence that former President Barack Obama illegally used the power of his office to surveil the Trump campaign.

Clinesmith was charged with improperly altering an email that would have lessened the case in favor of surveilling Carter Page, who played a minor role in the 2016 Trump campaign.

A lawyer for Clinesmith explained in August that he had not made the alteration in bad faith, but only to save himself a procedural hassle.


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