Thursday, March 10, 2022

Climate fraud grifters will not be held accountable for the excess deaths caused by their policy

As Americans face skyrocketing gas prices, groups urge Biden to push green energy and to reject calls to ramp up fossil fuel production

Alex Nitzberg

As Americans face rapidly surging fuel prices, a coalition of groups is calling for President Biden to use the Defense Production Act to push a transition to green energy. They are also calling for the president to reject calls to ramp up America's fossil fuel production.

Sierra Club, Greenpeace USA, Islamic Society of North America, and Our Revolution are just a few of the many groups that joined together in the message to Biden.

The groups expressed support for the president's recent move to ban Russian oil.

"We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and we want to thank you for halting oil imports from Russia. We urge you to continue to resist short-sighted policies such as scaling up domestic fossil fuel production or expanding oil and gas infrastructure or financing, which would only deepen our dependence on fuels that lead to global instability and drive further devastating climate impacts. Instead, we are calling on you to invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA) to ramp up the deployment of renewable energy to transition the world off fossil fuels," the groups declared.

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