Thursday, March 17, 2022

That these are law school students is frightening

Police are forced to protect conservative debater at Yale Law FREE SPEECH event from woke students shouting 'I'll fight you b*tch': Victim warns 'future of legal profession in America is in dire straits'

  • Nearly 120 Yale Law School students revolted during a free speech debate last week because they didn't like conservative panelist Kristen Waggoner
  • The students screamed profanities at Waggoner, including one who threatened they would 'literally fight you, b***h'
  •  They also chanted 'protect trans kids' and 'shame, shame' throughout the law school building after police officers escorted the speakers out of the building
  • After exiting the event they began to stomp, shout, clap, sing and pound on the hall walls
  • The protesters alleged their actions were execution of free speech despite the fact that they violated university policies regarding free speech 

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