Thursday, March 3, 2022

This is a leader?

Biden CANCELS test of Minuteman III nuclear missiles to 'demonstrate restraint' and avoid angering Putin after his nuclear threat as Air Force puts on a show of force in Japan to deter China

  • The Pentagon canceled this weekend's test of the Minuteman III intercontinental missiles from California
  • Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby insisted it was to show 'restraint' and is 'not a backwards step'
  • He also confirmed the U.S. would not join Putin in putting their nuclear arsenal in a state of readiness 
  • 'We did not take this decision lightly but instead to demonstrate that we are a responsible nuclear power,' Defense Press Secretary John Kirby said Wednesday 
  • He announced the move in his briefing as a missile struck an area near Kyiv's southern main rail station
  • The U.S. has also warned that the Kremlin has deployed vacuum bombs and cluster munitions 
  • The $7,000,000 Minuteman III ballistic missiles can travel 6,000 miles at 15,000 mph   
  • Earlier, bodies of five people killed in a strike on Kyiv's television tower were today piled into a van by police 
  • Mayor Vitali Klitschko said defences are being built and that 'we will fight' to stop the city being captured 

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