Friday, March 18, 2022

Yale Law: Is this what you teach future lawyers?

Yale Law refuses to condemn students who threatened to fight conservative debater at free speech event: Says staff are having a 'serious conversation' with them about 'expectations' when dealing with people 'inconsistent with our values'

  • Yale Law School defended students who threatened conservative panelist Kristen Waggoner during a debate last Thursday 
  • Nearly 120 Yale Law School students revolted during a free speech debate last week because they didn't like Waggoner
  • The students screamed profanities at Waggoner, including one who threatened they would 'literally fight you, b***h'
  • They also chanted 'protect trans kids' and 'shame, shame' throughout the law school building after police officers escorted the speakers out of the building
  • The school has said that the police presence was not needed at the event 
  • The protesters alleged their actions were execution of free speech despite the fact that they violated university policies regarding free speech 

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