Saturday, March 20, 2021

BLM extortionists Are we to accept thuggery because it's Black?

BLM Organizer Who Extorted Businesses Gets Probation


When Black Lives Matter thugs were terrorizing cities, the Trump administration stepped in to nail the thugs that local Democrats wouldn't touch.

Black Lives Matter organizer Devonere Armani Johnson had a simple and straightforward message of racial justice for Madison store owners of all races.

The feds say that Devorene threatened to "shut down and destroy" an eatery if he and his friends didn't get free food and drinks. He barged into a restaurant with a boombox and when the owner told him that he had already given to Black Lives Matter, the social justice warrior told him that wasn’t good enough. "Give me money or we'll break windows."

Devorene went to a bar and warned, "You don't want 600 people to come here and destroy your business and burn it down."

And if the owner wanted to bring in that instrument of white supremacy known as the police, the BLM organizer taunted, "You notice that when you call them, nothing happens to us."

Devorene's arrest led to more riots, but the Feds actually stepped in to help store owners.

Local business owners reported that Devorene would regularly visit their stores, blast music, call them racist, threaten to burn down their stores, and demand free food.

At a press conference, Mayor Rhodes-Conway indicated that she had asked the courts to expedite and quickly resolve Devorene’s case.

Fortunately, the Feds have stepped in with a little law and order and hit Devorene with extortion charges with a maximum of 20 years in prison.

So much for that. Devorene is getting off with probation.

 Scott C. Blader, United States Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin, announced that Devonere Johnson, 29, Madison, Wisconsin was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge William Conley to two years of probation for extortion.  Johnson pleaded guilty to this charge on November 4, 2020.

Probation? Really.  For a guy with an existing criminal record.

6 years ago, Devonere allegedly got into a fight on a bus with L.G., apparently also known as Low'end Savage, who was the father of the child of the woman whom Devorene was dating.

According to the police, the encounter didn't go well. Low'end put Devorene in a headlock. A witness heard Devorene say, "Let go, I'm going to shoot."

A shot rang out and Low'end was left paralyzed from the neck down.

Not only were there previous run-ins with the law, but next year he was convicted of misdemeanor theft and being a passenger in a stolen vehicle, and a year later he was convicted of felony theft.

That's a clear message to the business owners who hoped that the Feds would protect them. Now imagine if Devorene were being treated like a Capitol rioter. But the lives and safety of locals who aren't elected officials don't matter.

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