Friday, March 26, 2021

The diverse nature of mass shooters...don't look particularly white to me.

Leftist talking point claims mass shooters are majority ‘white’, mug shot compilation tells another story

Andy Ngo has been very vocal in his criticism of the media and how they pigeon-hole the identities of the shooters while exploiting the ‘race’ angle to their advantage.

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He tweeted out: “It’s been a rough week for the identitarian left whose viral claims over white supremacist shootings fell apart as quickly as they were promulgated. I went on @SkyNewsAust to discuss the cynical race-baiting by journalists, politicians & celebrities.”

The interview with Sky News Australia began with a tweet sent out by activist and former Wall Street executive Amy Siskind, who put forth that the Boulder shooter was “almost certainly a white man.” That was proven wrong shortly thereafter since the shooter is an immigrant from Syria and Muslim.

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