Friday, March 26, 2021

Landmark school choice law covers 90% of the students in one state...time to break government school monopoly

Landmark school choice law covers 90% of the students in one state

Karma is coming calling for the disgraceful teachers' unions that have kept children from attending school for a year in much of the country.  Successfully shaking down the federal government for nine figures' worth of additional funding, they have ignored the science that says young children are at almost no risk from COVID.  The cost to children and to the nation is unfathomable, with child suicides soaring and the future ability to function in a complex technological society impaired for a generation of future citizens.

It is my fervent hope that the selfishness, greed, and indifference to the welfare of children of the unions will finally break the monopoly of government school bureaucracies and see parents free to use taxpayer funding for the education of their children at any school of their choice.  Let the bloated, inefficient bureaucracies of the government schools compete with focused, efficient private schools — existing and yet to be founded — that are not tied to lowest common denominator standards and not force-feeding left wing hate-America garbage like the 1619 Project.

The first such victory just West Virginia.  And surprise, surprise, there is so far very little media attention.  However, Jayne Metzgar of The Federalist covers the big news:

Last week, with very little noise or fanfare, the West Virginia legislature passed the most expansive Education Savings Account program in America. While ESAs in most states are only open to a small percentage of children, the new West Virginia Hope Scholarship will be available to 90 percent of schoolchildren in the state. Every child currently enrolled in public school is eligible, plus those newly aging in.

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