Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The only free market the left loves is crime...

Asian-Americans Worry About Democrat Bill 'Legalizing' Mugging


Here's a snapshot of why these violent assaults keep happening. And why they're happening so often in California and New York, in areas where crime has essentially been legalized. The upsurge in store robberies in California was driven by pro-crime measures that essentially legalized shoplifting.

Now the Democrats want to all but legalize robbery.

A bill proposed by an East Bay Senator with the intent to revise the penal code is getting a lot of attention, as critics say it would essentially re-classify violent robberies to misdemeanor petty thefts. This has sparked outrage from members of the Asian American community, who are now speaking out, saying this is not their idea of justice.

The concern now is over bill SB82 which, if passes, would reclassify certain robberies which do not involve a deadly weapon or great bodily harm as misdemeanors, not felonies. Misdemeanors carry a maximum $1,000 fine and one year behind bars.

And don't expect them to get more than a few minutes behind bars for a misdemeanor. 

Concerned citizens recently held a rally in Oakland's Chinatown in protest.

The Asian American Prosecutors Association issued a statement voicing their concerns over the bill, "vehemently" opposing it. They cited a number of ABC7 News stories including one about three men attacking and robbing an older Asian man along the Nob Hill, Chinatown border in San Francisco. The group believes with the passing of SB82 this case would serve as a prime example of justice not being served since the older man seen on surveillance video did not suffer serious physical injuries and a deadly weapon was not used.

When asked about the laundromat case, Senator Skinner's office told me under SB82 elder abuse and assault would still be considered felonies. However, prosecutors say elder abuse and assault without a felony robbery significantly reduces jail time.

SB82 specifically states that, "This bill would define the crime of petty theft in the first degree as taking the property from the person of another or from a commercial establishment by means of force or fear without the use of a deadly weapon or great bodily injury."

That means a mugging is now petty theft as long as the thugs don't use a gun or cause 'great bodily injury'

Have Californians had enough pro-crime "restorative justice" yet? Wait until most types of murder are legalized.

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