Friday, March 12, 2021

The pro criminal Left

Soros SF DA Chesa Boudin Tried Zero Murders and Only 2 Sex Assaults



There's a pro-crimes arms race among Soros DAs bent on freeing the most criminals and convicting the fewest. But even within that fishbowl, Chesa Boudin, Weatherman royalty backed by Soros, is something special.

The Marina Times, which California Democrats have been trying to stamp out, has the numbers and they're something special.

So since taking office @chesaboudin has tried 1 auto burglary, 1 home burglary, 1 gun felony (no conviction), and 3 sexual assaults (only 2 convictions). He tried 1 vehicular homicide and lost the case. He tried zero homicides.

So to be clear, this is the entire @SFDAOffice @chesaboudin has yet to prosecute a case in court, retaining his campaign crown where he said, “I’m the only person on this stage who has never prosecuted a case.”

Just keep in mind, Chesa Boudin is the DA of San Francisco, not a small town in Iowa. These are staggeringly insane numbers that paint a picture of a justice system that has essentially shut down.

"So @chesaboudin has done 10 podcasts and gotten 16 convictions since taking office," the Marina Times also tweeted.

If you want to understand the insane crime wave that has hit cities under the control of Soros DAs, numbers like this are a place to start. It's also why the Chesa Boudin recall is moving forward.

 The San Francisco Department of Elections cleared a campaign to recall San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, which will allow them to collect signatures for a recall vote.

The coalition will be required to collect more than 51,000 signatures, roughly 10% of the city’s voters, by mid-August to qualify for a special election.

This move comes just over a year after Boudin took office.

Hell of a year. See above. But Boudin supporters have a great counterargument.

“One of the things that he promised as soon as he got into office was eliminated whole categories of crimes, quality of life crimes and this has led to green lighting by him and his office to allow criminals to run rampant in the city, all corners of the 49 square miles of San Francisco are targets now,” recall organizer Richie Greenberg said. 

It’s scenes like smash-and-grabs, home burglaries, robberies, and even more crimes not caught on camera fueling the effort.

“We have seen the brazen robberies. We have seen daytime shootings. We have seen how residents, small business owners, and visitors alike to San Francisco have been targets,” Greenberg said. 

Supporters of Boudin agree that public safety issues need to be solved in San Francisco but argue that the data doesn’t agree with claims of Boudin being the sole reason for crime in the city.

Our guy isn't the "sole reason" for crime in the city is a hell of an argument. The DA isn't supposed to be the sole reason for crime in the city. He's supposed to be solving it.

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