Thursday, March 18, 2021

'I was expecting a happy place - it was hell on earth.'

EXCLUSIVE: 'I was expecting a happy place - it was hell on earth.' American-born ISIS bride tells how her son was made to eat grass for dinner and the morality police punished her for showing her pink Nikes under her burka in new documentary

  • Hoda Muthana joined ISIS in 2014 after embracing extremist ideology while living with her family in Alabama 
  • She was born in Hackensack, New Jersey but her father was a diplomat which  means she is not an American citizen and cannot return
  • Muthana is one of the stars of a 90-minute documentary The Return: Life After ISIS, which premiered this week at the South by Southwest film festival 
  • Muthana now says that ISIS was not an Islamic group but a 'cult that wanted to use Islam to gain more power and more people and more money' 
  • Speaking about why she got recruited to join ISIS, Muthana says in the film that she 'wanted to feel useful' and blamed 'manipulative propaganda' 
  • She said that she had a 'meltdown' when Donald Trump tweeted that he had effectively banned her from returning to the country she considers home
  • Muthana, 25, said that the tough language left her feeling that 'I didn't know what would happen to me' 

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