Monday, March 29, 2021

The vile self serving bureaucrat

'It was the best decision I ever made': Dr. Fauci says it was him and NOT Trump who started the ball rolling to develop COVID vaccine and gives no credit to Operation Warp Speed

  • Fauci made the surprising claim in a CNN special 'COVID WAR: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out'
  • 'May have been the best decision that I've ever made,' he said of push to make COVID vaccines 
  • Remark glossed over the roles of pharmaceutical companies and Operation Warp Speed
  • Trump has repeatedly claimed credit for the development of vaccines in record time
  • He has also accused Fauci of nay-saying the program to rush vaccines to the public
  • 'If it were up to Fauci we still wouldn't have a Covid vaccine,' a Trump confidante said in response 

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